Our Hanger Design and Specifications

15 1/4″ H x 20 1/2″ W x 3/8″ D

Material: Polypropylene


Made in the USAWe at ANDERCO, LLC are proud to offer you quality hangers that “WILL TAKE YOU INTO THE NEXT MILLENNIUM!”


Under normal use.

  • The most advanced designed hanger in the world market is now available.
  • Unique Broad Design eliminates unwanted lumps and bumps in shoulders.
  • Keeps clothing smooth and shapely.
  • All size clothing will not fall off.
  • Fits in standard closets and lockers.
  • Super strong, flexible and durable, made of Polypropylene.
  • I-Beam construction design.
  • Strength tested to 30 lbs. plus.
  • Non-swivel hook models available.



Client Testimonials

I have been looking for a hanger that works with 3XL clothes.  Every other hanger either does not fit in my closet or creates points by the shoulders.  XLhangers work perfectly!  Fits in the closet and does not create those ugly points!  I can even take clothes straight from the washer to the hanger with great results.  Thank you XLhangers!

LA – Hawaii